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Mark   Year Entries
Religious Fiction English   2
Religious Fiction English History And Criticism   3
Religious Fiction Juvenile Fiction : Dekker, Ted,  2008 1
Religious Fiction Sound Recordings : Kingsolver, Barbara.  2018 1
  Religious Films -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Religious Films   288
Religious Films Video Recordings   3
Religious Films Videorecordings   2008 1
  Religious Freedom -- See Freedom of religion
Here are entered works on the right or privilege of acting according to one's own view of religion without undue restraints or within reasonably formulated and legally specified limits. Works on the concept of freedom as viewed by religions are entered under Liberty--Religious aspects.
  Religious Fundamentalism -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Religious Fundamentalism   23
Religious Fundamentalism Biography : Esther, Elizabeth.  2014 1
Religious Fundamentalism Comparative Studies   2
Religious Fundamentalism Controversial Literature : Steiner, Wendy,  1996 1
Religious Fundamentalism Developing Countries   2001 1
Religious Fundamentalism Fiction   6
Religious Fundamentalism History : Kepel, Gilles.  1994 1
Religious Fundamentalism India   2013 1
Religious Fundamentalism Islamic Countries : Bergen, Peter L.,  2006 1
Religious Fundamentalism Juvenile Literature   3
Religious Fundamentalism Political Aspects Jerusalem : Gorenberg, Gershom.  2002 1
Religious Fundamentalism Political Aspects United States   3
  Religious Fundamentalism Protestantism -- See Fundamentalism
Here are entered works on the modern Protestant movement originating in early 20th century America opposed to religious liberalism, modernism, and evolutionism and stressing the "Fundamentals" of Biblical inerrancy, literal interpretation, the divinity of Christ, his Virgin Birth, the substitutionary Atonement, and his physical Resurrection and Second Coming. Works on Protestant churches of the fundamentalist type and on fundamentalist congregations for which a particular denomination cannot be identified are entered under Fundamentalist churches. Works on religious groups opposed to modernity and secularism and seeking a revival of orthodox or conservative religious beliefs and practices by fostering growth of religious fervor in the populace and by curtailing or eradicating the influence of felt alien values are entered under Religious fundamentalism.
Religious Fundamentalism Psychology   2
Religious Fundamentalism United States   6
Religious Fundamentalism United States Case Studies : Stauth, Cameron.  2013 1
Religious Fundamentalism United States Sound Recordings : Carter, Jimmy,  2005 1
  Religious Gatherings -- See Also Councils and synods
Religious Gatherings California Los Angeles Fiction : London, Julia,  2015 1
Religious Gatherings Fiction : Wall, Cara,  2019 1
  Religious Goods -- See Religious articles
  Religious Health Facilities -- See Also the narrower term Catholic health facilities
Religious Health Facilities United States : Koenig, Harold G.  2004 1
  Religious Historians -- See Religion historians
  Religious History -- See Religion History

--subdivisions Church history, Church history--16th century, Church history--17th century, Church history--18th century, Church history--19th century, Church history--20th century, Church history--21st century; Religion, Religion--16th century, Religion--17th century, Religion--18th century, Religion--19th century, Religion--20th century, and Religion--21st century under names of countries, cities, etc.
Religious History France History Revolution   2
Religious Holidays   8
Religious Holidays Islam : Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane,  2001 1
Religious Holidays Juvenile Films   2007 1
  Religious Humanism -- See Humanism, Religious
Here are entered works dealing with a movement, originating in American Unitarianism, which stressed the idea that man can satisfy all his religious needs from within himself and discarded in its advanced thought all theistic concepts.
  Religious Identity -- See Identification (Religion)
  Religious Images -- See Idols and images
  Religious Institutions -- 8 Related Subjects   8
  Religious Institutions Buildings -- See Religious facilities
Religious Institutions Employees Professional Ethics : Battin, M. Pabst.  1990 1
Religious Institutions Great Britain Guidebooks : Palmer, Martin.  2000 1
Religious Institutions Moral And Ethical Aspects : Battin, M. Pabst.  1990 1
Religious Institutions United States   2
Religious Institutions United States Public Opinion : Kinnaman, David,  2011 1
Religious Institutions United States Publishing   2008 1
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